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#DIVORCE is a bilingual podcast in both French and English that I co-host every week with Audrey Zeitoun a divorce and relationship coach, and where we talk divorce and wellbeing.

#DIVORCE is intended for people

  • thinking about divorce or separation, going through the process, or  have finalized their divorce

  • whose loved ones are going through a tough time, to help them understand what they are going through

  • who need advise to deal with their stress or their mental health

  • professionals 



#DIVORCE is full of  legal information as well as  practical and wellbeing tips. We are often joined by guests who come and talk about their area of expertise linked with divorce or wellbeing.

#DIVORCE is available on itunes and spotify.




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So far we have covered the following topics in ENGLISH 


EPISODE #84 : Mediation in the UK with Family solicitor and mediator Sarah Manning

EPISODE #78 : divorce and finances with Family Solicitor Vas Constantinou

EPISODE #73 : Expat divorce in the Middle East with Family solicitor  Samara Iqbal

EPISODE #71 : What is a collaborative divorce ? with Family solicitor Cathy Souza

EPISODE #63 Coparenting with our family wizard app

EPISODE #70 : prenuptial agreements in E&W vs Marriage contracts in France with Family Solicitor Mélanie Bataillard Samuel

EPISODE #58 : the end of cohabitation and the misconception of common law marriages in E&W with Family Solicitor Vas Constantinou

EPISODE #47 Mediation in Hong Kong with Sala Sihombing

EPISODE #34 Stuck parents, relocation of children, support and advice from GLOBALARKK

EPISODE #31 Child arrangements in E&W

EPISODE #29 No Fault divorce

EPISODE #23 domestic abuse

EPISODE #22 cross border divorces from a French Lawyer's perspective with Sarah-Jane

EPISODE #6 comparing divorce proceedings in France and E&W


EPISODE #40 : men and divorce coaching

EPISODE #18 : first steps to find love after a divorce or a breakup

EPISODE #36 : divorce and financial planning with Mark Estcourt from Cavendish Family Office

EPISODE #22 Family communication

EPISODE #14 sharing parenting time during the holidays 

EPISODE #1 how to co-parent

EPISODE #26 finding true love again with marriage celebrant Amy Pan

EPISODE #43 : Back to school tips to keep the benefit from the summer break

EPISODE #45 : Should I stay or should I go?

EPISODE #49 : Financial advice when divorcing a CEO

EPISODE #51 : how to avoid divorce with the help of a consultant for babies and couples

EPISODE #55 : Financial Coaching with Sarah Blyth the Good money coach

EPISODE #66 : where to settle after your divorce

EPISODE #68 : SJ and Audrey talk about family, relationship and wellbeing

EPISODE #82 : divorcing with the help of a family consultant with Adele Ballantyne

EPISODE #81 : tips to start dating again

EPISODE #75 : coparenting during the festive season


EPISODE #16 the menopause during divorce and in the workplace with Fiona Cameron

EPISODE # 8 personal training with Nick

EPISODE #32 Nutrition with Emmanuelle Waters

EPISODE #68 : Find your style and colours with Sandy Lancaster

EPISODE #10 Body Image with Judy Craddock Women's Body Image and Confidence Transformational Coach, at Heart Your Body

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