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You are getting married and

  • your future spouse is a French National?

  • You are a British national 

  • you are living in the UK or in France

  • you are wondering whether you should enter into some kind of prenuptial agreement


I can advise you on whether to execute a French marital contract or a Common Law pre-nuptial Agreement and assist you with the process.

Don't waste anytime and book an initial meeting with me!

Family Protection

  •  Would you like to provide for your surviving spouse and children, should you die accidentally? I will be able to discuss the options with you and help you draft the most effective Will.

  • You are a French national living in the UK or in Hong Kong? It is advisable to set up a will valid in your country of residence and in France, in order to elect the law applicable to your succession

  • You are a British national with French assets or living in France? A will is advisable

Book an initial appointment!


Why/ When book an appointment with ME ?

  • Are you feeling lost?

  • Not sure who to turn to?

  • Is your relationship on the rocks?

  • Are you considering a separation or maybe even a divorce?

  • Has your spouse told you that he or she intends to leave you, to divorce?

  • Do you live abroad and don't have a point of reference?

  • Can't think calmly?

  • Do you want to be reassured about what you can and can't do? A first appointment will allow you to see things more clearly and hopefully help you to moved forward with the right assistance.


  • Assistance with issues related to French Law (General Practice) or with cross border issues 

  • Drafting of legal documents (marital contracts, PNAs, wills, affidavits of French Law)

  • Legal advice in areas of international family law, cross border probates, cross border estate planning, French immigration law.

  • Assistance with divorce  in France, UK or Hong Kong

  • Translations of documents

  • Various formalities: Powers of attorney, LPA, obtaining Apostille/ Legalization, marriage documents.

  • Referrals

AREAS of the LAW

  • International Family law in relation with France: divorce, matrimonial regimes, marital contracts/ PNA, custody of children, adoption, 

  • Cross border Probates

  • Cross border Estate planning ( Wills, Appointment of Guardians, LPA)


We believe in a transparent fee approach.

Following our initial meeting,  a quote will be sent to you with an estimate of costs.

If it is accepted, we will send a retainer letter, which needs to be signed by the client prior to us undertaking  any work in a case.


Our fees are usually calculated on the basis of an hourly rate depending on the jurisdiction involved and the time spent working on the case. 

We will inform you of the added disbursements (foreign lawyer fees, notary fees, translation fees…) which are not included in our fees.

Payments are to be made by bank transfer.


  • You are getting married and would like to sign a marital contract.

Family Protection

  • You would like to provide for your surviving spouse and children.


  • You want to divorce.

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