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Based in Leeds (UK), fluent in both French and English, French qualified Avocat at the Paris Bar, registered as a Foreign lawyer with the Hong Kong Law Society, sharing my practice between the UK and Hong Kong, with an extensive experience in the area of comparative Law, I assist  clients with cross border issues. I am a collaborative practitioner and am currently training as a mediator.


I began my career in France, as in house -lawyer, Head of the Legal Department of the French Charity ODP (Charity supporting orphans and spouses of firefighters), before moving on a few years later, after the birth of my first son, to the non-governmental organisation Amnesty International in Paris.

After three years in Tokyo, where I gave birth to my second child, I moved to Hong Kong where I developed my practice of International Family Law dealing with international divorces, cross border probates and cross border estate planning, in a local Hong Kong Law firm. I joined JCLegal in June 2019, where I still work as a consultant.

My professional and personal experiences in various countries, as well as my mixed origins (British, French and Vietnamese) give me a better understanding of my clients' needs and enables me to assist them efficiently when they are faced with sensitive cross border issues.




Whether in our home country or abroad, the main obstacle is usually to find the right professional to deal with the issues we encounter.

This is the reason why for the past few years I have been building a strong network of professionals (lawyers, mediators, notaries, marriage counsellors, divorce coachs, therapists, financial advisors...) whom I trusts and  work with on a regular basis

In Hong Kong I am part of JC Legal Law Firm founded by Janice Chew 

I am an affiliated member of STEP

In the UK I am a member of Resolution Resolution | Resolution

I am also a member of the French Organisation " les avocats de la paix" the lawyers of the peace, an organisation of French qualified lawyers who share the same ethos, and favor the use of Alternative dipute resolution methods and aim at reducing conflict in proceedings. If you would like to know more about it here is the link




  •  Qualification as a French Avocat in 2003

  • Law school in Versailles (France).

  • Degree in Human rights and Humanitarian Law ( University Evry Val d’Essonne-France).

  • LLM in International Law (University of Nottingham - UK)

  • Master's LLM in French Business Law and a degree in Anglo American Law (University of Paris X Nanterre- France)

  • Resolution Collaborative foundation Training 

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