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Cross-border Legacy Planning in France & Hong Kong

14 octobre 2020 à 10:00:00


Online Event

Cross-border Legacy Planning in France & Hong Kong

Being internationally mobile means optimised finances. Have you planned ahead what will happen to your diverse assets when you pass away?

About this Event

Learn from Sarah Jane Tasteyre, Registered Foreign Lawyer (France) of JC Legal, about how to plan your estate in both France and Hong Kong.

  • Why do you need a Will?

  • What can you do with a Will?

  • Which jurisdiction should your Will be based on?

  • What makes a valid and effective Will?


About the Speaker

Sarah Jane Tasteyre was qualified in France in 2003 and has been based in Hong Kong since 2015, specialising in international family law, succession and cross-border probate. With her global vision of family law, she regularly works with family lawyers in Hong Kong and France, advising private clients on cross-border matrimonial issues and estate planning.

This event is part of a series titled Difficult Dialogues by JC Legal in October 2020.

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