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I have always tried to assist and support my clients the best way I can.

I believe that in order to be able to make the best decision for them and their family, we need to help them 

avoid  emotional roller coasters as much as we can and  reduce conflict whenever we can.

The popular belief that divorce means war, and that there is no other option than to go to court

means that unfortunately in practice people may not know that they have options.

But they do have options, even in cross border cases.

This is the reason why I trained as collaborative lawyer and currently training as a Mediator

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods are the future.

What is the Collaborative process?

it is a method of dispute resolution which involves two lawyers, communication and an agreement not to resort to litigation 

How can I convince my spouse/ partner that this could be a good option for us?

Your collaborative lawyer can suggest a meeting with your spouse to discuss this option, with him or another collaborative lawyer

you can suggest that your partner reads the information provided by Resolution in England ( see link below)

Where can I can I find  information?

The collaborative process | Resolution

Pod-Flyer-2019.pdf (

in France : Le processus de droit collaboratif | Barreau de Paris (

AFPDC - Accueil (

where can my spouse find a collaborative lawyer in the UK?



in France



It is possible to do without the courts, even when it is difficult to hear/communicate.


  • An amicable divorce can be achieved even in high conflict situations.


Not all spouses are narcissistic perverts. The fact that communication is difficult and that the other's reactions are not always fair does not mean that an amicable divorce is impossible.


You don't have to rush

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John Martin

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